Benefits of Teaching Parents to Teach Their Children

Benefits of Teaching Parents to Teach Their Children

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Being parents is one of the greatest satisfaction that every person can experience, although of course, they also become mirrors that show the greatest insecurities in this regard. Teaching parents to teach can help you lot in how to teach the children.

Family involvement in the academic life of children has become an important point to improve the performance of children in school. Parents or guardians who not only attend meetings but who daily stimulate the knowledge that their children acquire is part of the experience that some schools have taken and that, in addition, is giving results.

Support for children

For the experts, in addition to the topic of collaboration, the interest of parents in the educational life of their children is important in the emotional development of children. With parents, the teaching of children becomes an adventure that, along with having fun, promotes a series of learning. That the parents talk with their children and show interest that that effort is valuable to them.

Why shared play is necessary

Playing with children is, besides a pleasure, a necessity. For parents, because the game allows them to know children better, helps them to teach them values and ways of acting, reinforces their bond with them … For children, because through this tool they learn, they develop better and, According to experts, they gain in tolerance, imagination and happiness. And for the whole family, because a shared fun time is the best weapon against stress.

Increase emotional control

Through play, the child learns to influence others and also to regulate and control their emotions and to recognize affective signals and other people’s emotions.

Objectives pursued by the School for Parents

Educate parents and representatives, in such a way that the guidance they provide to their children corresponds to their own performance, learning and values and principles.

Benefits of Learning of parents to teach children

Below are some benefits of teaching parents to teach:

  • Orient based on family unification.
  • Train based on the promotion of communication, solidarity and respect.

10 or 15 minutes a day of family play are enough for children to start getting all their benefits. The family is the first context in which the child develops an image of himself and the world that surrounds him. And the interactions that occur in the family game enhance social relationships and help you explore, learn and refine the skills necessary for it.

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