What to do before you Start a Booster Club in America

What to do before you Start a Booster Club in America

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You think that your child’s school needs a booster club – maybe there is not enough focus on football or the music class does not get to perform any concerts, or the art class lacks basic facilities and art material. But before you begin to start a booster club, there is some groundwork that you need to do so that your initiative finds the right path.

  1. Check on existing booster clubs:

You can find booster clubs in other schools in your neighbourhood, or there may be other booster clubs already running in your child’s school. There are websites where you can find booster clubs across the country, giving information on their activities, organisational structure and events. You could contact the organisation members for guidance, achievements and ethical practices. This will show you the way forward.

  1. Meet with the stakeholders:

Talk to the students who will be benefited by the booster club. You can involve the teachers or coaches, as the case may be, to get their inputs. You can talk to members of the school management to get their perspective. If there are booster clubs already in the school, explore the prospect of having a bigger booster club by having new members join in case it is a related field.

There should be people committing to getting involved and being a part of the running of the club. Get a buy-in from them to start a booster club.

  1. Recruit volunteers:

Approach other parents, senior members of the community, alumni of the school and other people who could give a push to starting the booster club. They could join as members or be volunteers for different initiatives. In any case, it is essential to have people who believe in the cause and are willing to put their time and money in it.

  1. Start an initial fund:

Once you have the people behind the booster club, have initial fundraising so that the costs of administration and establishing the booster club can be met. There will be fees related to getting the paperwork done, hiring some experts for income tax and financial advice, and general logistics and administrative costs to deal with. This is an excellent time to get your bank account opened for the booster club, where all the fundraising money can be deposited.

That’s it! Once you have your initial groundwork in place, you are on your way to start a booster club!

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