Why is a Language Lab Used for Language Learning?

Why is a Language Lab Used for Language Learning?

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The language labs of today are available in many kinds of technology. Multimedia language labs make the use of computers and incorporate language lab software. Digital language labs use the digital hardware for learners and software for the educator station only. Language labs can also be mobile language labs or wireless language labs. The most common terms used in language labs are— Language laboratory, multimedia language lab, language lab & media center, software language, multimedia language center, portable language lab, and digital language lab.

Why is a language lab used for language learning?

Research proves that in a classroom average language class, the students speak only for a limited class time. With a language lab, all the students work in different levels in groups or self access, and communicate simultaneously without distracting each other no matter the class size. The work can also be played back to the students in order to practice and improve and the teachers can save this task and assign it as homework for the students.

What are the most common components of language learning?

  1. Educators and learners use computers with Robotel English language lab software for conducting language learning exercises and activities
  1. Educators and learners use headsets with mics to interact and conduct language learning activities and exercises.
  1. Students have a recorder or a media player to listen to the audio and water the video in order to record their speech exercises.
  1. Preset language learning lesson activities let the educator and the learner to get on a task quickly and convenient to use with zero mistakes or lengthy educator workarounds.
  1. The educator and the learner computers are connected through a network, and when it comes to digital languages lab, separate cat 5 cabling is utilized.
  1. And when it comes to a digital language lab, a server computer or a separate storage device is preferably used to store the lesson materials and student recordings in a digital format.

All the language lab learners should have self access for independent learning which comprises the access to all the language learning resources or assignments using the cloud or the same media player used in the class.

Use a language lab to involve the learners to embrace the active participation in language learning exercises, to have more time to practice the language that is impossible in a conventional classroom environment. Language labs use the educators and learner classroom time more efficiently providing much better overall results.

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